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The MakeCD Feature List is subject to change without notice.

(1) not supported by all drives and not implemented for Panasonic and Sony drives -- see list of supported drives for details
(2) if supported by drive
(3) requires mpega.library which is not part of the MakeCD distribution

  • write modes supported:
    • Disc-At-Once (DAO) (1)
    • Session-At-Once (SAO) (2)
    • Track-At-Once (TAO)
  • support for ATAPI and SCSI CD-R/RW drives
  • file systems supported:
    • ISO 9660 Level 1, Level 2, Amiga
    • Rock Ridge incl. Amiga Extensions
    • Multisession/Multivolume in TAO and SAO
    • CDTV/CD32 discs
  • multi-threaded data reading, converting and writing with adjustable buffer management for optimal performance and safety
  • user configurable interface: novice and expert mode, font and screen user-definable, external programs for notification when
    • error occurs
    • required medium insertion
    • disc writing finished
  • context sensitive AmigaGuide help and bubble help
  • manual and online texts in German and English, plus many translations done by volunteers into: Danish, Finish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, soon Spanish
  • uniform project editing for DAO and TAO, flexible switching of write mode
  • load and save projects
  • AIFF-CD file interchange of complete CDs with audio editing software (supported by Samplitude CD; SoundProbe and AudioLabs16 are very interested)
Data and Image File Handling
  • direct CD to CD-R copying, multiple source discs possible
  • on-the-fly writing of ISO tracks
  • import (any frequency, mono/stereo, 8/16 bit, uncompressed/u-law/a-law) of
    • AIFF
    • AIFC
    • AIFF-CD
    • MAUD
    • WAVE
    • CDDA
    • Samplitude HDP
    • ISO image files
    • MPEG-A (3)
  • data conversion on-the-fly or with temporary images
  • export (with automatic selection based on file name suffix) of images to
    • AIFF
    • AIFC
    • AIFF-CD
    • MAUD
    • WAVE
    • CDDA
  • automatic usage of temporary images if already available
  • flexible deletion of temporary images:
    • immediately to reduce required disk space in TAO
    • after CD for multiple copies
    • not at all to keep images for latter reproduction
  • one hard disk image
CD Writing Options
  • Track Types (all data track types also raw):
    • Audio with/without Preemphasize
    • CD-ROM Mode 1
    • CD-ROM Mode 2
    • CD-XA Mode 2, Form 1
    • CD-XA Mode 2, Form 2
  • Disc-At-Once:
    • automatic data sector encoding
    • session fixation (2)
  • Track-At-Once (TAO):
    • incremental
  • indices in audio tracks:
    • in DAO
    • in TAO (2)
    • fast scanning of source audio CD for indices with all CD-ROM drives
  • ISRCs and Medium Catalog Number in DAO and TAO (2)
  • automatic TOC type selection
  • automatic target disc size checking
  • writing in test mode or after test
  • adjustable writing speeds
  • extensive informations while copying data:
    • current action
    • transfer speeds
    • passed time and estimated time left
    • buffer usage
  • automatic eject after writing and tray opening if new source CD required (configurable)
CD-R/CD-RW Manipulation
  • fixation of disc or session
  • CD-RW erase types (2):
    • full disc, blank data
    • full disc, fast
    • last session
    • last track
    • session/disc fixation
  • repairing damaged discs (2)
  • ejection of source or target discs
  • detailed listing of disc contents, saveable as ASCII text
  • playing of audio from images or CD with:
    • Amiga sound chip
    • AHI
  • on-the-fly writing of all supported file formats
  • automatic mono to stereo, 8 to 16 bit conversion
  • fast frequency resampling
  • export into many different formats (see above)
  • low memory requirements
  • fast source directory scanning
  • flexible inclusion of previous tracks
  • on-the-fly writing
  • configurable Rock Ridge and ISO options
  • configurable CDTV/CD32 options
  • bootable with CDTV/CD32
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Patrick Ohly and Angela Schmidt
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